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Events 2024: Program for the bicentenary of the birth of Julie Victoire Daubié

Born at the Manufacture Royale de Bains in 1824, Julie-Victoire Daubié lived her entire life leading a fierce fight for the emancipation of women and equality between women and men.

Known for being the first female baccalaureate in France (1861), she was also the first graduate of Literature in 1871 (despite the impossibility for women to take courses at the Sorbonne).

This Vosges woman will have proven to the world that men are not the only ones who can access knowledge and diplomas. She also received, at the initiative of Napoleon II at the Universal Exhibition of 1867, a medal which rewarded all of her work.

Integrated into the 2024 calendar of National Commemorations by France Mémoire of the Institut de France and placed under the high patronage of the Prime Minister, this bicentenary ""obligates"" us to carry out a commemoration worthy of the life, thought, work and of the fight of the illustrious Frenchwoman Julie-Victoire Daubié and her epigones on this major societal subject of the economic and social condition of women.

It is for all these reasons that the association of Friends of the Manufacture Royale de Bains (where her birthplace is located, labeled Maison des Illustres) and the association of Friends of Old Fontenoy (where she died 50 years later ) mobilized at the start of 2023 by forming an organizing committee for the Commemoration to ensure national impact for this event, in a positive tone of constructive and respectful living together.